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Who are Commoners?

Commoners are usually farmers who possess the right to graze livestock.  This right is determined by the land owned by each farm.  The number and type of livestock is set out in the register for each common.  Each registered farm has a set allocation called a ‘stintage’.  The ‘stint’ is the maximum number of cattle, sheep or ponies that can be grazed on the common by an individual farm. Only people with registered rights of common can turn livestock out to graze the commons.

On Gower, groups of commoners working together form Area Management Committees which represent the interests of either an individual common or a number of commons.  Such groups play an important part in agreeing what works should be carried out and when, for example, clearing all the sheep for dipping.  Where there are a number of Area Management Committees in a defined area an Association may be formed to assist in considering issues of management and governance.  The Gower Commoners Association is one of the oldest established Associations in Wales, first established in 1933.



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