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Who is involved?

Where there are active commoners, management is undertaken by those people, working through the Commoners Area Management Committees. Where there are no active commoners, the landowner can carry out works to prevent the common deteriorating. In practice, it is a combination of both, with works being undertaken by agreement. There are circumstances where the landowner and commoners in partnership can instruct a third party to work on the common, such as the Gower Commons Initiative.

Volunteers & local residents in particular also have a valuable role to play in assisting landowners & commoners to manage and steward common land.

Local residents can get involved on a variety of levels such as reporting injured animals, fire and illegal activities. A commons watch group is currently being formed which will take an active role in looking after our commons. Watch this space for more details or call the Gower Commons Initiative on 01792 391670 if you are interested in becoming part of this group.



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