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Fly Tipping

Litter and rubbish on commons is a threat to wildlife, the visual beauty of the landscape and a hazard to people.

Protect our commons by reporting fly tipping to Swansea’s litter line on 0800 80 70 60.

Take rubbish home or take it to a civic amenity site.

For information about where your local civic amenity site is visit www.swansea.gov.uk or call the Council on 01792 635600.

Fly tipping
Whilst fly tipping remains a problem on some commons, there has been a reduction on other commons where vegetation such as bracken has been cut to make areas less secluded and therefore less attractive to fly tippers. Existing fly tipping has been cleared away so that further fly tipping is not encouraged. Burnt fly tipping
Fly tip on Hardings Down
Fly tip on Hardings Down





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