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Threats to Commons

There are many pressures on common land and a diverse range of activities that cause problems to landowners and graziers.

The biggest threat to the future of the Commons is traffic collisions with commoners’ sheep, cattle and ponies. Each animal that is killed is a financial loss to a commoner. If commoning becomes economically non-viable due to the cost of animal losses, commoners will cease to put their animals on the commons. This would be disastrous for wildlife, the landscape, recreation and traditions associated with common land. [photo: traffic& ponies]

Under management and lack of grazing allows dominant plants to take over and scrub and woodland to develop.

Some plants pose a threat to the grazing quality, wildlife, landscape and accessibility of commons. These problem plants need to be actively managed to either keep them under control or irradiate them all together.

The illegal use of off road vehicles is an increasing problem. There is no right to drive on any common and vehicles can be impounded by Police for repeat offences.

Other problems include illegal camping, stock worrying and fly tipping on commons. Please be aware and follow our Commons Code.



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