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Fire at night

Uncontrolled Fire

Controlled heather and grass burning is an important traditional management practice which provides a continuous supply of vigorous and nutritious plant material for livestock, moorland game and wildlife.



The Results of Uncontrolled Fires on Gower:

However, uncontrolled fire can be counter productive to the management of commons and cause problems such as:


  • destruction of peat layers leading to soil erosion [photo of erosion to be supplied by Sion]
  • encouragement of fire tolerant species such as gorse, bracken and purple moor grass
  • damage to property
  • reduction in grazing quality of commons

  • harm to ground nesting birds

  • destruction of wildlife habitats


If you see a fire on a common, dial 999 and ask for the Fire Brigade.
Follow the Commons Code: don’t have camp fires, portable barbeques or any other sort of ignition that can start a grass fire.

Click here for what the law says.

A guide to heather and grass burning has been produced, which provides information on how to safely plan and carry out a controlled burn within the framework of burning legislation and good agricultural practice. Download a copy here [image of cover of booklet] or call the Gower Commons Initiative on 01792 391670 for your free copy.

There is a significant cost in tackling wildfires:

    • Emergency resources are diverted from other duties
    • Financial cost
    • Loss
    • Time





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